Do more with less

Flat oval ducts move air more efficiently than rectangular ducts and requires substantially less space to install than round. Unlike rectangular ducts, which are produced in short sections that must be fitted together by hand, flat oval ducts can be manufactured in continuous lengths up to 10 feet. Flat oval ducts are also superior to round ducts in that it requires substantially less space to install. With oval ducts, ceilings don’t have to be as high and buildings don’t have to be as tall.

Oval Ducts & Fittings

Galvanized Metal
Paint Grip
304L Stainless Steel
316L Stainless Steel

References SMACNA tables 1″ – 10″ WG for construction standards and reinforcement schedule.

Our oval ducts & fittings are fabricated from galvanized steel in accordance with 3rd Edition 2005 SMACNA Duct Construction Standards.